The pilot project is a demonstration of our innovative fuel cell system that can produce clean and independent energy from hydrogen. The project aims to show our customer how the system looks and works, from the hydrogen filling station to the high voltage electronics power and the electricity production. The project also offers a user-friendly and customizable interface that allows the customer to interact with the system and manipulate its parameters safely and easily.

System Info

  • The system consists of the following main components:
  • Hydrogen Fill Station: Stores and supplies hydrogen, sourced sustainably or industrially.
  • Control System: Monitors and regulates operations, providing user-friendly control and access.
  • Converters/Inverters: Converts fuel cell DC to AC for grid use, regulating voltage and frequency.
  • Fuel Cell: Core component converting hydrogen and oxygen into electrical energy and heat.
  • Fuel Cell HEX: Heat exchanger transferring fuel cell-generated heat to a hot water circuit.


Technical Info

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